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Reiki, Magnified Healing, Crystal, Magnet and Hypnotherapy



Our Story

Our Mission

" To  restore  Health, Happiness  and Peace  in  the Mind, Body and Spirit

To  build  a  community  of  self-healers  who  can  manifest  their  dreams  into  reality

To  make Well-being  a  Lifestyle "

Why We Do What We Do

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Srushti Narkar.jpeg

Srushti Narkar

I learnt Reiki because I was under depression and had problems at work.

Through regular practice, I was able to overcome my depression and my work environment improved drastically. I am so happy now thanks to Reiki, Shetty Sir and Ma'am.

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Bali Sohal

In July 2018, my mom was experiencing severe back pain. She was in tremendous pain in spite of her medication. So, she asked me to send Reiki for complete relief when I was leaving for work.

I sent a message across in our Reiki groups for healing and asked my mom to chant "I'm healthy, happy & 100% fit". LO & BEHOLD, when I returned from work that evening, my mother was walking without any pain!

Pooja Kanekar.jpeg

Pooja Kanekar

My friend introduced me to Reiki when I was going through a very difficult phase in life. I was feeling immense pressure at home and work. My domestic help left the job. As a result, I felt burnt out, became very short tempered and was always worried trying to balance work with personal responsibilities.

​However, after I met Shetty Sir and learnt Reiki, there was an instant change in me. I started feeling relaxed and calm. I stopped stressing over trivial matters. Therefore, everything began falling into place for me. I also found a new domestic help very easily. Through regular Reiki practice, I find balance and peace within and around myself.

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