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  • What is Reiki and how to learn it?
    Reiki is a holistic healing technique that treats our body, mind, emotions and the soul. The word 'Reiki' means universal life force energy, one which creates and sustains life. An uninterrupted and adequate flow of this energy keeps us physically,mentally and spiritually healthy and any blockages in the flow lead to an imbalance that can manifest itself in various illnesses. These blockages are created by holding on to unprocessed emotions, negative beliefs, dysfunctional and recurring thought patterns. A Reiki Master/Grand Master clears these blockages and activates the 7 Chakras/energy centers in the body through a spiritual practice known as "Attunement". Once attuned, the ability to channel Reiki is a lifelong gift! The practice is very simple, holistic and unconditional. Just placing the palms on the affected areas can direct Reik to help in the healing process. In most of the other practices, the flow of universal energy is indirect, but in Reiki it is direct and can be felt by all. You may reach out to us and drop in for a consultation :) +91-9322227568
  • What is Initiation/Attunement?
    Initiation is a spiritual practice performed by a Reiki Master to awaken/activate the seven Chakras/energy centers in the student's body. This process of initiation is what creates a Reiki healer. It is after the initiation that one becomes a "channel/conduit" for free flow of Reiki energy.
  • Is it possible to access the powerful Universal energy of nature in such a short period?
    Yes, it is possible because a Reiki master attunes the student. This is why an attunement is considered so important. During the attunement process, Reiki flows through the master into the student. The spiritual practice involving Reiki symbols used by the master makes adjustments in the student's energy pathways and connects him/her to the Reiki source.
  • Who is eligible to learn Reiki?
    Reiki is very easy to learn. Its the most simple and clean form of natural healing. Reiki can be learnt by anybody of the age 6 years and above.
  • Who is eligible to teach Reiki?
    Only a qualified Master/ Grand Master can teach Reiki. That is, a person who has learnt Reiki, healed and spread awareness, trained systematically to teach Reiki and impart knowledge to others, and has the required knowledge and ability to initiate a student. Because its is only through the initiation that one becomes a Reiki channel.
  • Who can treat through Reiki?
    A Reiki channel who is attuned for first degree can start practicing to heal oneself or others from the first day itself. The attunement process creates a healer.
  • How is distance healing possible with Reiki?
    There's a term called "entanglement" in physics that states we are deeply connected to each other "energetically" despite being separated "physically'. Which means every thought, action, feeling, meditation, prayer sends out a ripple of energy in the Universe that affects each and every one of us. Moreover, Quantum physics is proving that our perception of "physical" is an illusion. There's nothing physical at all. It's all energy! And Reiki is a very high vibration on the energy scale. That's how a Reiki practitioner is able to pass this energy even at a distance, provided the receiver is open to healing. There is no limit to the distance this energy can travel.
  • During Reiki treatment do the negative vibrations of other people, their pain and sorrow enter into us? Will it harm us?"
    A Reiki practitioner is often referred to as a "channel" for Reiki energy and does not use his/her energy. The Reiki healer simply passes on the Universal energy on to the receiver. This makes Reiki a very clean form of healing. Both the healer and the client receive healing directly from the Universal energy. Thus, the healer cannot contaminate the receiver with any negativity and in turn, will not receive any negative vibrations from the receiver.
  • What are the possibilities of curing chronic illnesses?
    Chronic illnesses are developed over time. As humans, we have learnt to hold on to our emotions, beliefs, negative thought patterns. In doing so, we create density in our body. Western medicine labels them as cancer, fibromalgyia, migraine, depression, anxiety, all of that. Truth is all these diseases are mere "symptoms" - our body's way of telling us there's a need to go deeper and heal the "cause". Reiki raises any low vibration energy/density residing in the mental, emotional or physical body, thereby healing the cause instead of merely getting rid of symptoms. Thus, in simple terms, the smallest to the most chronic illnesses can be healed at that level through Reiki.
  • Does Reiki help with hereditary diseases?
    New science is proving that genes do not control our lives, we do! Everything you thought you knew about how your genes work has been completely revolutionized. Dr. Bruce Lipton has studied gene function and concluded that just because you may carry certain genes associated with disease does not mean those genes have to express the disease. Which means we can not only cure hereditary diseases by channeling life force energy/Reiki but also prevent them from occuring in the first place! You just need to take control of your environment, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
  • Can Reiki be combined with any religious practices or chanting of sacred verses? Are there any religious taboos?
    You may chant sacred verses along with Reiki practice if you'd like. However, Reiki is not connected to any religion or sect. It is meant for everybody and anybody can learn it. Reiki is Universal life force energy which is neither in support or against any religion.
  • Is it possible to harm anybody through Reiki?
    Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. The energy that gives and supports life in the entire cosmos/Universe. Reiki healing involves passing this energy to heal physical, mental and emotional illnesses. Moreover, The foundation of Reiki healing resides in its 5 core principles. Just for today I will not get angry Just for today I will not worry Just for today I will do my work honestly and lovingly Just for today I will live in the attitude of gratitude Just for today I will love and respect every living being Every Reiki practitioner imbibes these principles deeply. You can think of Reiki as unconditional love energy and the Reiki healer as a conduit/channel for this love energy. Therefore, be rest assured, it is impossible to harm anybody with Reiki. :)
  • Can we take medicines during Reiki treatment?
    Yes. Reiki does not interfere with any other treatment you may be undergoing. Infact, it will complement your medications and accelerate the healing process. Reduction in dosage, riddance from side effects and in many cases riddance from pharmaceutical medicines altogether are very common when Reiki is practiced regularly.
  • ​To what age groups can Reiki treatment be administered? Can we also heal plants/animals?
    The simple answer is there's no age restriction when it comes to receiving Reiki treatment. It is the most clean and natural form of healing. Thus, anybody from a newborn to an older adult can receive Reiki. Infact, a foetus/embryo in the womb can also receive healing which will ensure the baby thrives mentally, physically and emotionally as it grows up. You can also use Reiki to treat animals and plants. Animals/pets especially respond very well to Reiki healing and at times would indicate if they want more of it! :) Some of our students have learnt Reiki to heal thieir pets and have achieved amazing results.
  • Is it possible to use Reiki along with other healing techniques?
    Yes, definitely. When combined with other alternative/ medical therapies, Reiki reinforces their effect. We have a lot of clients who are doctors/ alternative therapists. They complement their practice with Reiki healing and have found that the healing process is accelerated. In some cases like insomnia, minor pain/cramps, they give Reiki healing instead of prescribing medication and the patients return asking for more Reiki healing. So be rest assured that Reiki will never interfere with other healing techniques. It simply restores the body's natural healing capacity.

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