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Varsha Parkar, Australia

Practicing Reiki changed my perspective towards life, seeing it more positively. It's keeping me calm, healthy and energetic. I became more focused and result oriented. 

Presently, I live in Adelaide, Australia. Shetty Sir helped me to learn second level of Reiki remotely. I seek his guidance whenever I am facing any problem. I am grateful to Shetty sir for these lifelong and profound lessons. 

Shetty sir and Bharathi ma'am are both very kind people and supportive, selflessly teaching Reiki to thousands of people and helping them to live life in better ways. I strongly recommend sir and this Reiki center!

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Surabhi Kushte

Reiki has come into my life as a BOON. I think its destiny that selected us to be channels of this magical Universal energy - Reiki. Initially, I learnt Reiki with two main intentions - (A) to get relieved from the severe pain I had due to rheumatoid arthritis. (B) to become the master of my mind.

First level itself changed my life drastically. Pain reduced substantially and so did the doses for my Allopathy medication. I became positive about life and the white light technique taught by sir was very effective in transforming my work and home atmosphere.

Today, I'm a third level practitioner and I use Reiki for everything under the sun! From small things like getting a rickshaw on the road or clearing traffic to big things like academic success for my son. He secured a scholarship and stood 9th in Mumbai.

I'm deeply grateful for Shetty sir & Bharathi ma'am. They have enriched our material as well as spiritual life through Reiki.


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Bhavana Sawant

In June 2017, my husband and I met with a fatal two-wheeler accident. My husband succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

I managed to survive but with multiple fractures and walked using a walker.

After learning the first level of Reiki, I began healing myself at home. On the 15th day of healing, I was able to get up and walk comfortably WITHOUT any support. I also began traveling from Vashi to the healing center in Dadar.


Today, I am a third level practitioner and I'm 100% healthy and fit.


Nisha, U.S.A.

I’m happy to share my experience with everyone. I live in USA and recently visited India. In my 27hrs long travel, I used to get bad backache. Almost impossible to sit by the end of the trip.


My sister introduced me to Reiki and Shetty sir taught me to heal myself and program the Reiki healings. At first, To be honest I was not that sold but to my surprise, on my way back to USA, not even for a sec I had back pain. All that time I was astonished by the power of Reiki.


Now I’m doing regular practice and I feel very good about it. Thank you Sir, Thank you Reiki


Nyomi D, U.S.A.

I traveled from the US to India because I felt called to learn Reiki here. I had taken level 1 at a different healing institute in mumbai but something felt off and I wasn't seeing any results after the one day level 1 workshop. Though I was hoping to take multiple levels with the same teacher, I was again called to make another move - Shetty's Reiki Healing center was recommended to me by a friend and had some impressive reviews so I decided to give it a try.

Shetty Sir was very accomodating. He set aside 3 hours for 4 consecutive days, when he would normally be closed, to be able to teach me in English. He quickly realized there were many things I hadn't properly learnt from my previous teacher so in addition to level two, he covered what I had missed from level one. His daughter Anviksha would also attend, to help with translation and explain things in further detail at times when I asked the many questions I had.

I enjoyed the way they taught, which was to explain how to do each step, tell how/why it worked, and then go through it in practice with me. I have already felt some positive results! I'm thankful the Universe led me to them and I plan to take level 3 from them as well.


Trace Hobson, Canada

I was led to India to share and demonstrate the work I do in organizations. I also was aware of a desire to meet a teacher who could help me on my path. Amazingly, met a family of teachers in the forms of Jagannath & Bharathi Shetty and their daughter Anviksha Shetty.

This family is simply amazing and their kindness and compassion is a bright light in Mumbai.

I learned a healing technique that will support me, my family, my business and all of the organizations I serve.

I can highly recommend them as master level teachers and healers.

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Dr. Fehmida Meer

Reiki helped me when all medical options failed related to my health issues. My right hand was swollen all of a sudden. I was in pain and could barely move my hand.

My friend introduced me to Shetty Sir and in the first session of 2.5 hours a miracle happened. I could move my hand and swelling reduced by 60%. After 4 days, I was normal and back to work!

I'm now a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner and incorporate Reiki healing with my medical practice. It does wonders.

Patients with severe pain, sleep disorders, etc ask for painkillers and sedatives but I only give 5-10 mins Reiki. They thank me and ask for healing again!!

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Prof. Darshana Phalke

Regular Reiki practice allows me to create breakthroughs on an ongoing basis.

I am creating a great business and there's so much love and affinity in my family.

My mother completely recovered from Arthritis. From not being able to walk even with a stick to now traveling alone.

Shetty Sir's guidance is very special. Ma'am and Sir enrich their teachings through studies of eminent thinkers. Both of them are very committed to their work and their regular revision seminars really set them apart. I wish them huge success in the work they are doing.

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Abhishek More

Reiki has given me a new outlook to life.


It helped me crack my third attempt at an MBA entrance exam. I managed to score 99.92 percentile with a rank of 35 amongst 74K+ students. I secured admission to JBIMS in Mumbai and I'm now placed in an MNC with a 15 lakhs package. I'm very happy with my job and work environment.


Initially I was skeptical about Reiki but I was proven wrong  and how! Reiki has boosted my confidence and I feel I can achieve anything I set my eyes upon. I'm grateful to Shetty Sir and Reiki for showering me with so much positivity.

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Madhu Khanna

I learnt Reiki to heal my 90 year old mother who had not recovered fully from a stroke.

After 8 to 10 days of healing, a miracle happened. I was able to take her to Chandigarh to meet her sister. Besides the joy of being with her sister, she was comfortable throughout the journey to and from Chandigarh.

Also, about 3 months later I could take her to Dubai for a holiday. There are many more such instances but the point is that Reiki makes everything possible. Sir and madam and their teachings and healing change our lives forever for the better.”​

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Prashant Sawant

Two years ago my wife Sonia Sawant suffered from an asthma attack and subsequent heart swelling problem.

Thanks to Reiki, now she is completely Asthma free! She does not require a pump or tablets anymore!

Meena Prabhu Reiki testimonial .jpeg

Meena Prabhu

In November 2014, I underwent a sonography due to severe stomach ache. Reports showed appendicitis and the doctor advised immediate surgery. 

I couldn't undergo immediate surgery. So the doctor gave me antibiotics for 10 days and I practiced Reiki self-healing.

On the 7th day, my pain had vanished! My doctor still insisted on surgery. So I went for a sonography on 15th Dec,2014 and my doctor was shocked to see that my reports were absolutely normal!!

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C.A. Purvi Shetty

Reiki has benefitted me in many ways but one of it's most significant contributions has been to my career and education.

I would get extremely nervous and experience blank outs just days before my CA exams despite rigourous preparation. But with guidance and Reiki from uncle, aunty and my mother, I sailed through it.

I would miraculously feel confident as soon as I saw the question papers. I've also had very strong intuitions about chapters during my preparation from which highly marked questions were asked in the exam.

Reiki increased my confidence to such a level that I knew I had passed the exam even before results were out. And I did clear the exam with outstanding marks, in the first attempt.

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Pervez Ansari

I learnt Reiki in the year 2013 because I was suffering from piles. I was relieved from piles and the pain within a few days of practicing Reiki!

I also used Reiki for my son's academics. He had failed the Xth Std ICSE prelims. So with Sir's guidance I began to give Reiki for his final exams. He miraculously scored 75% marks in the final exam and secured admission in Science stream.


Sir and Ma'am are best at what they do. They also keep in touch with their Reiki channels through Free Seminars conducted every month. 

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Bali Sohal

Until 23-Jan'16, life was a struggle, I was unhappy and totally discontent. I was going through a turmoil with respect to my career and relationships.

That's when I was introduced to Shetty Sir. With his teachings and Reiki, I began to find peace, when life put me to a test. My boss called to inform that 31st March 2016 would be last working day. 

Although it was a shock, I did not lose hope. Instead, with Sir's guidance I believed a good new job is waiting for me on 31st March.


Believe it or not, on 29th Feb I shared my resume with my network and on 2nd March I got my first interview call! I cleared the tests on 17th March and joined the organization on 4th April!


Adv. Aleena Chauhan

Earlier, I was constantly stressed about my personal and professional life, to such an extent that it affected my mental and physical health. For months I struggled to get peaceful sleep.


But after doing Reiki, that very night I got a peaceful sleep! And within a week I saw changes in my I’m happy and peaceful..


I thank Shetty Uncle and Aunty for helping me and the divine power of Reiki. 🙏



My niece gave birth to twins after 20 years of marriage! This is purely a Reiki miracle!


Our family is extremey thankful to Shetty Sir, Madam and all the Reiki channels.

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Anagha Mestry

I learnt Reiki because I could not handle my job pressure. As a result, my personal life was also affected, and I was worried about my future, emotionally devastated, mentally disturbed and gained a lot of weight.

Within a few days of learning Reiki, I started noticing a shift in my attitude towards life. I started feeling good and my negativity was turning to positivity. I also noticed a difference in my work colleagues. They were more supportive than ever! 

I thank my parents for introducing me to Shetty's healing center.


Sonal Singh

Excellent services and amazing center for overall well-being. 

Our pet dog was dealing with unkown issues due to which he stopped walking. None of the doctors were able to diagnose or cure him despite multiple efforts hence we learnt Reiki and he immediately showed improvement from Day 1. Now he is fit, fine, healthy and happy!


He is walking and running around just like before!

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Sakshi Jadhav

I was suffering asthma last 2 years. I was under medication but no use.

So I learnt reiki in 2017. As per Shetty sir's guidance, practiced regularly and now I am totally free from asthma and feeling relaxed and good within 1 month.

I stopped taking pump and medicine.

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Shilpa Bansode

I was suffering from piles for last fifteen years and twelve years back, I got operated for piles. Still had no relief.


In January 2019, I joined Reiki class at Shetty's Reiki Healing Center. Believe me, within a fortnight, I got total relief from piles.


Now completed Reiki upto 3rd level and not only got relief from health issues, it has helped me in improving my children's studies and my home atmosphere. My house is now a peaceful heaven.


This center is the best Reiki training center in Mumbai.

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Alka More

Reiki has helped  me a lot for my health and my children's academics.

I work at JJ Hospital. In the year 2005, I suffered from facial paralysis. Since medical treatment did not help, my colleague introduced me to Reiki and after meeting Shetty Sir and Ma'am within a fortnight I got complete relief. 

In 2018, my full body check up reports showed gallbladder stone. Doctors suggested removal of the gallbladder but I started practicing Reiki regularly to heal it. To the doctor's surprise, In the Feb 2019 check up, the stone had disappeared.

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Neelima Kothare

After learning Reiki I have realized that there is existence of Universal Power and God himself is the Universal power.


In 1994, l had severe neuralgic pain in my left hand, due to which it was impossible for me ,even to hold a piece of paper. I took treatment from 4-5 neurologists but it was all in vain. One of my friends Mrs Pratibha Ugarkar gave  Reiki to my hand during a train journey, and on very next day I felt little relief in my hand. 

in 1997, my mother had a deep head injury. I immediately started healing her w/o even looking at the wound. After 1.5 hours of healing I noticed the bleeding had stopped and she was completely free from pain w/o any medication or stitches!

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Pranjali Khude

I completed 3rd degree of Reiki from Shetty's Reiki Healing Center recently. I learnt Reiki for my financial condition, which wasn't good.


I work in SBI Life Insurance as an advisor. I was trying to achieve an annual target of Rs. 38 lacs for MDRT.


Last year within 2 months I achieved this target with the help of Reiki! I got awarded & won a gift tour to Bali in May 2019.

It is possible to manifest all of your wishes into reality. Thank you Reiki, Shetty Sir and Madam. 

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(name changed on request)

My son Sidhant (name  changed on request) aged 17 years, was suffering from anxiety from last 2 years.


I tried everything for him, all medicines. But through Shetty Sir's teachings I learned to heal & my son's life changed drastically.  


He is coming out of this phase of life after suffering for 2 years. I have no words to describe my thanks to Shetty sir. I am highly indebted to him for what he has done for my son and family.  Now I am healing my family and friends on everyday basis. I see happiness everywhere. 

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Pramod Mahaldikar

I learned reiki in Feb 2015. Despite being a Yoga teacher, I had a frozen shoulder since many years. After practicing Reiki regularly, my shoulder pain vanished completely. I started getting miraculous results wherever I used Reiki. My daughter’s marriage was the most significant of them all.


Despite being very well educated and working at a reputed firm, she was not getting any good marriage proposals for over 4-5 years. She lost all hopes of getting married. Finally, from June 2018 I started giving Reiki with an intention that Akruti gets married to a suitable boy before Dec 2018.


Cut to Oct 2018, Akruti called me from office one day & said that her colleague Bhushan proposed to her. I stopped & stood under the tree I was walking by & I literally wept with joy.

They decided to get married on 22nd Dec 2018! It was purely a Reiki miracle that they got married in the month I set my intention.

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Surekha Mungekar

I learnt Reiki in November 2017 for my son Madhur who was suffering from epilepsy for last 7 years. He use to have frequent attacks in spite of medication.


On my brother's suggestion, Madhur and I learnt Reiki and practiced regularly. Now he is 100% normal. Earlier he was not able to write comfortably due to deformity in thumb, now he can write comfortably and his health and writing has improved tremendously.

I am forever grateful to  Shetty Sir & Madam for their guidance and my brother for introducing me to them. 


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Raghuvir Nanche

I am 66 years old and a retired technical advisor to the Food and Nutrition Board, Govt of India. 

During the year 2016, I suffered a critical and life threatening disease despite my profound scientific knowledge and practice on food and nutrition. My life became dull, I was very weak mentally & physically, and remained in the house throughout the day. 

On my cousin’s advice I learnt Reiki. After doing second level, under the guidance  of our beloved Shetty Sir, I became energetic with a positive attitude, my digestive system improved, itching on my neck had gone and no pain in legs. I also healed my wife (pain in her legs has disappeared) and my son who is studying sincerely now. Thanks to sir, madam and reiki.

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Aparna Gogte

With Gods grace, Divine Reiki power and our daily 10:30 pm group healing, my father is free from cancer now.. We got a clean chit from Tata Hospital.


I am deeply grateful to almighty, Shetty sir and Bharti ma'am for showing me the path and all our Reiki channels. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Ramesh Kulkarni

(name changed on request)

I would like to share my experience about my marriage which was on the verge of divorce  and had zero percent chances of getting together.


A colleague with whom I shared this, guided me to our reiki centre  and as I knew what reiki was I immediately agreed. Here I met Jagannath sir who was very positive that our marriage would work on the other hand I had zero hopes but stayed positive and started practicing reiki.


After 3 weeks, miraculously my wife was convinced to stay with me, our 5 year old son and parents. I am sooo thankful to reiki sir and my colleague for bringing me here.

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Shravani Mhamunkar

I was suffering from depression for the last 10 years and I was under medication.

In June 2016, I learnt Reiki and practiced self-healing as per Shetty Sir and Ma'am's  guidance. Within 3 months of practice, I was totally alright and I am off my medications as well!

Further, my son was suffering from bed-wetting and I have completely healed him now.

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Dr. Sheela Kulkarni

My husband Dr. Ashok Kulkarni and I are residents of Umbergaon, Gujarat where we operate a nursing home. 

In May 2014, my husband suffered a paralytic stroke following which he was completely bed ridden, there was no movement from any side of the body. He was in a semi-coma state. We had tried the best possible medical treatments and surgeries for him but there was still no improvement. 

Then in Sept 2014, I happened to meet Shetty Sir in Gujarat through an acquaintance. He gave 30 minutes Reiki healing to my husband and also taught Reiki to my husband's attendant - Ganesh. Ganesh healed Dr. Ashok everyday as advised by Shetty Sir and within a month's time, he was able to sit upright and eat with his own hands! And in the next 8 months, his Speech recovered and he began to move around.

By Feb 2016, he was back to work in the OPT, attending to patients in our nursing home.

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Manu Vishwakarma

On 10th June, 1998, all of a sudden I lost my vision. My parents approached specialists and surgeons, but all of them were of the opinion that I've lost my vision forever. I lived in Ludhiana at the time.

My brother and sister-in-law were in Mumbai and they asked me to come and learn Reiki with Shetty Sir. So on 30th June,1998 I learnt the first level of Reiki. I religiously practiced it as guided by Shetty Sir and believe me, within a fortnight, slowly my vision started getting restored! 

Now my vision is perfect, I can see without glasses. I am able to see the beautiful life unfold around me thanks to Reiki!

Our courses and healing sessions are now also being offered Online

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