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Committed to transform every aspect of your life from the inside out


Achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being


Attract success and abundance of time, love and money


Attract new and strengthen troubled relationships


Experience lasting joy, peace and vitality

personal growth

Unlock intuition powers, boost confidence and discover your life's purpose





About Us

Hello!  We are Jagannath & Bharathi Shetty

Traditional Reiki Grand Masters

And that's our daughter Anviksha,

Reiki Master & Meditation Guide

We learnt Reiki in the year 1995 to heal Anviksha when she was a baby. Little did we know then, that our life is about to change forever.

We delved deep into the world of healing and couldn't help but share our learnings. Today, we are humbled by the results our students & clients have achieved through these practices, And if they can, so can you!

This website is an extension of our commitment towards building a larger community of self-healers, capable of healing themselves and others. So, thank you for being here!


Years' Experience



4.9 rated


4.9 rated

Just Dial

Vidya Desai_ Reiki testimonial

Vidya Desai

After few years of marriage, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told by doctors that it’s difficult to conceive. The numerous treatments I underwent involved a lot of investment, both emotional and monetary but with no luck.

Finally, I learnt level one Reiki on my father’s recommendation. I practiced self-healing for 21 days. I sailed through the process with Shetty Sir’s guidance and on the 10th day itself my pregnancy tests were positive! My daughter is 2 years old now. I still practice Reiki regularly. It has changed my life completely.

Shruti Patkar.jpeg

Shruti Patkar

My mother suffered from blurred vision due to paralysis of her right eye nerve. Doctors suggested no definite cure and said it will recover only gradually over 6 months. Last resort was operation but with no guarantee of complete recovery.

My entire family has learned and practiced Reiki for a decade now and have full faith in Reiki, Shetty sir and ma’am. With their encouraging words and Reiki, my mother made 100% recovery and could see clearly in just 2 months!! 

Haresh Gaja.jpeg

Haresh Gaja

In the year 2000, I was switching jobs but the new company did not appoint me as I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. I couldn’t afford expensive medication due to resulting financial constraints.

I learnt about Shetty Sir and Ma'am while browsing through the newspaper. I learnt Reiki and within few months of dedicated practice, my reports were 100% normal, that too without proper medication. Doctors usually recommend year-long treatment for tuberculosis but with Reiki I achieved much faster results! Moreover, my financial condition improved drastically through regular practice and Sir’s guidance.

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